AWS S3 Media Silo

Provides silo access to Amazon Web Service's Simple Storage Service.

Ajaxify Blocks

Add urls to block properties that allow them to reload their content.


Add a client post type for use with a generic client-facing project management system.

Comments Toggle

Toggle whether comments are allowed on many posts at once.

PHP Exec

Executes PHP on posts that are appropriately marked.

Post Formats

Allows users to assign different formats to their entries, which can then be rendered using different templates as supplied by a theme.


Replaces the native Habari email handling with Postmark.


Add a proposal post type.

Relative Replace

Replace server strings in post content to make absolute paths for images (and other things)


Adds a basic review post type.

Secret File

This plugin allows the insertion of links to files into a post such that access to those links is only allowed if you are also allowed access to the post they appear in.

Selective Paragraph

Automatically insert HTML paragraph tags and line breaks, dependent on post types.

Slug Sync

Synchronizes the slug with the title that is saved with the post.


Behave as a different user.