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Online Scheduler for Offline Meetings - RedAlt

I've long been a user of Meetup.com, and was even a meetup organizer for the Philadelphia WordPress meetup group. Those days have long passed, and Meetup.com has changed a bit, but I still like the idea of a tool that will help organize a group online.

Usually before I start a project, I'll have some idea in mind, but will not really do anything with it. Just like any invention, I will see some need, and try to fill that need with code. Eventually, for some projects, some catalyst will cause me to solidify those ideas and begin writing actual code.

I got an email today that made me think that the time for this idea has come.

After that catalyst, I usually head to my favorite online reverse dictionary to look for a good name. What I'm looking for is often a name that means what I'm trying to produce, but in an oblique enough way that the domain name is still available for registration. After all, pretty much every English word is already registered as a dot-com.

So into Onelook's reverse dictionary I dropped the phrase "meeting place". And by sifting through that list, I found a name that has a domain that is not already registered.

I dropped the new name into my GoDaddy account, and bought the dot-org. I figure that this will be another open source project, so a dot-org is a good way to go. Besides that, the dot-com was not available.

Anyway, while registering the domain, I configured the DNS at one of my hosts to house the new domain, and point it to one of the VPS accounts I have with them. I had already set up Apache on that server for a virtual document root, so configuring it for hosting the new domain was simply a matter of creating a couple of new directories.

I confirmed through the GoDaddy purchase process, and within 30 seconds my domain was up and running.

Immediately after that, I created a Googl Code hosting account in the name of the project, and gave it a brief description. I will provide more detain there soon, but I wanted to get a placeholder for the project online quickly.

Now that the hosting for both the site and the code are taken care of, I can concentrate on narrowing the scope of the project to something that people can deploy.

People might think that it's more important to work out the project functionality beforehand, and I can see some credence in that. Still, as I've said, I've been thinking about this project for a while and working with something for a long time that is similar but not open source. Giving it a name really solidifies it in my mind as an actual project. Rather than calling it "the as-yet-unnamed meetup.com replacement", I can now call it Pnika, a modern day Pnyx.


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