This session intends to create a simple news site using Panels 2 and Nodequeue. The idea is that the news comes into the site in blogging fashion faster than a "river or news" style would be able to keep it effectively on the home page. Instead of that kind of display, the idea is to display new news in panel areas as only titles in major sections that lead you to an expanded display. To accomplish this, you can employ the Panels and Nodequeue modules.

Panels give you more control over varied content views, and give tyou the ability to style the content. They let each pane know about data on the page that appears elsewhere.

Nodequeue lets the editor control the publishing order of new nodes. The editor can also control the length of the content, and pairs the content with the taxonomy for organizing its display.

A "queue" is basically a line, like "when you stand in line". You can use this feature in the nodequeue to push things at the front of a queue off of the end so that you can cycle the newest nodes onto the page. This allows the node to manage itself instead of having to "unpublish" expired items to get them to disappear from display.

Assigning taxonomy terms to new nodes will allow them to appear in different queues, and therefore in different areas of the site. To do this, you need to adjust how to display you Drupal home page, because usually you have the page.tpl, and the main content of the page is just the main content. To get around this, you set the main content to be a set of panels.

As a result, you can choose to display a nodequeue in any particular panel using whatever criteria you want.